— Pets & Animals Volunteer Travels 2,400 Miles to Deliver Donated Food to over 20 Rescue Groups —

Photo by Charles Fulks
Saint Lucie Humane Society staff manager Brenda Knight and volunteers with a special feline
friends after receiving donated Meow Mix food from Pets & Animals in Distress

When Florida and Alabama were hit by a string of four devastating hurricanes in rapid succession earlier this year, thousands of cats living in shelters throughout the two states were affected, while countless others were abandoned by owners fleeing their homes.

To help alleviate the burden on the many animal groups and volunteers caring for these animals, The Meow Mix Company has donated 44,000 pounds of Meow Mix® brand cat food to Pets & Animals in Distress” a 501©(3) non-profit animal welfare organization located in Florida, who helped with organizing and coordinating the “Hurricane Pet Food Relief” and “Feed-A-Pet Food Drives” this year to help provide the donated food to many animal shelters and rescue groups in Florida and Alabama where hurricanes Charley, Ivan, Frances and Jeanne had hit and caused major damage.

Pets & Animals in Distress’ members and donors came to the aid of the animals and helped raise the donations needed to pay for the delivery and fuel costs to pick up the food from the Meow Mix’s manufacturing plant in Decatur, Alabama and then get it transported down to a central loading area in the Tallahassee suburb of White Springs, Florida, as its subsequent hurricane relief staging distribution area to groups throughout the two states where it would be then loaded on a smaller truck to be delivered to animal rescue groups throughout Florida & Alabama.

The mass donation of food to the hurricane relief effort would not have been possible without the tireless work of the dedicated animal lover volunteers at Pets & Animals in Distress, particularly president Brenda Beck, coordinators Don Kjos, Chris Sisto, Jim Gisondi, and Allan Kirkham who helped coordinate the Hurricane Meow Mix Food relief drive from start to finish.

Gisondi, who had volunteered his driving services for the hurricane Charley pet food relief drive on Aug 17, personally again delivered every shipment, driving the course of 2400 miles over 4 days to distribute all the food to over 20 Rescue Groups and Humane Societies between November 3 and 8.

The donated food is now helping to feed thousands of animals that were affected from all four hurricanes, and many of these rescue groups now can use the monies saved from buying food, can now go to help with their medical and spay/ neutering costs to save more animals, says Beck.

“In times of crisis everyone has a responsibility to join together and help,” said Richard Thompson, CEO and Top Cat of The Meow Mix Company. “That’s where running a business becomes secondary, and the first priority is assisting the people and animals whose lives were put in turmoil by the devastating hurricanes.”

This is the second time in recent months that Meow Mix has worked with Pets & Animals in Distress. In August, Meow Mix donated over 40,000 pounds of food from its Decatur manufacturing plant to the rescue group. Beck’s organization subsequently arranged for the majority of that food to be picked up and then distributed to many animal groups and shelters in areas of Florida for their 4th annual Feed-A-Pet Food Drive on Aug 16, and on the following day Aug 17, Beck and her volunteers loaded their trucks to deliver the first Hurricane Pet Food Relief to the Suncoast Humane Society in Englewood on the west coast of Florida who were the main staging shelter facility for the Hurricane Charley relief effort for all animals that were displaced, the first of the four storms that would strike the state.

Shelters and Rescue Groups that have received Meow Mix
for the November Hurricane Food Relief Drive include

Kirkham’s Kattery, Milton, Florida
Purr Pals, East Milton, Florida
Ladybug’s Kitty Rescue, Pensacola, Florida
Rowe’s Orphanage for Cats & Kittens, Pensacola, Florida
Fairhope Cat Coalition, Fairhope, Alabama
For Love Of Critters (FLOCs), Pensacola, Florida
Feline Friends of Destin, Destin Florida
Suwannee Valley Humane Society, Live Oak, Florida
Safe Haven Animal Rescue – Lake City, Florida
Meow House – Lake City, Florida
Critter Care Farm Animal Sanctuary – Suwannee County
Leon Humane Society, Tallahassee, Florida
Jacksonville Cat Angels Rescue, Jacksonville, Florida
Jacksonville Animal Shelter, Jacksonville, Florida
Florida Voices for Animals, Tampa, Florida
St. Lucie Humane Society, Fort Pierce, Florida
Adopt-A-Cat / Pampered Pets, West Palm Beach Florida
Forgotten Felines, Lake Worth, Florida
Broggi’s Cat Rescue, Boca Raton, Florida
Noah’s Ark, Pompano Beach, Florida
Pompano Track, Pompano Beach, Florida
Kathy’s Feral Rescue, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Pets & Animals in Distress, Fort Lauderdale, Florida
Heartlief Farms, Orlando, Florida

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Pets & Animals in Distress would like to personally thank Mr. Richard Thompson, CEO of the Meow Mix Company and Mrs. Carol Slade for the generous donation gift of 44,000 pounds of Meow Mix cat food to go to the November Hurricane pet food relief. Through their generosity, this much-needed cat food is now helping to feed the many thousands of homeless animals that were affected by all four hurricanes in Alabama and Florida. Pets & Animals in Distress would like to thank Meow Mix for making this possible, along with all of our organization members, donors and volunteers all across America that opened their hearts and took part to help make the Hurricane Meow Mix Food Relief drive a success.

Thank you again for Pets & Animals in Distress and all the animals you have helped to feed.


Brenda Beck, President
Pets And Animals In Distress
“Your Best Friends Helping Our Best Friends”

Pets & Animals in Distress / Meow Mix November
2004 Hurricane Food Drive Photo Gallery

Here are some of the many pictures we have received from animal rescue groups receiving the donated Meow Mix food. Pets & Animals in Distress would like to thank them for all they do to help save, care and feed our many furry feline friends every day and in the aftermaths of the hurricanes. Brenda Beck, President

Pets & Animals in Distress coordinator and driver Jim Gisondi (L) who volunteered and drove 2400 miles in 4 days to deliver donated Meow Mix cat food to over 20 animal rescue groups with delivery truck courtesy of Gator Leasing. (R) Pets & Animals in Distress, Florida Panhandle / Alabama Pet Food Relief Coordinator, Allan Kirkham with Jim Gisondi receiving first shipment of 8000 lbs Meow Mix Cat food in Milton, Florida on Nov 3, 2004.

(L) Pets & Animals in Distress Florida Panhandle / Alabama Relief Coordinator Ela Kirkham on right with Pur Pals Rescue volunteer Debbie Winslett receiving donated Meow Mix cat food. (R) Lady Bugs Rescue receiving donated Meow Mix cat food. Both rescue groups are from the Pensacola, Florida panhandle area that was hardest hit from hurricane Ivan

(L) Many of the happy rescued kitties gathered and enjoyed the delicious Meow Mix Cat food. (R) Warehouse of donated Meow Mix food that has all been distributed to several local animal rescue groups on the Florida Panhandle and Alabama areas that were hit by Hurricane Ivan 2004.

Feline Friends of Destin, Inc.

Thank you Pets & Animals in Distress so much for your delivery of 4000 pounds of Meow Mix to Feline Friends of Destin. This food was distributed to about 20 feeders who feed approximately 200 spayed/neutered cats. They have bought their own food for years, so this effort is greatly appreciated after the devastation from hurricane Ivan.
Shayne McCullough, President
Feline Friends of Destin, Inc.

Some of the many feral cat colonies are now being fed Meow Mix food by volunteers from Feline Friends of Destin, Florida. Wow! It’s Meow Mix dinner time gang………….

(L) Kirkham’s Kattery Kitties in Milton, Florida having a Meow Mix feeding party. (R) Pets & Animals in Distress volunteer Jim Gisondi is re-loading more pallets of Meow Mix food on the truck getting ready to go on another Meow Mix delivery run.


Photos by Sharon Sherwood



Humane Society of St. Lucie County, Florida

Treasure Coast area hit by Hurricanes Frances & Jeanne
Photos by Charles Fulks

Dear Brenda Beck:

Thank you so much for your tremendous help in providing relief for so many animals that were affected by the Florida hurricanes. Due to your organization’s efforts, our facility received a considerable donation of Meow Mix in which to feed our cats.

The Humane Society of St. Lucie County is located in the area that was directly affected by two hurricanes and declared a national disaster area. Due to the hundreds of homes that were lost, our intake of abandoned and stray animals went to record numbers. We sincerely struggled to keep all of these pets until we could find them suitable new homes. Your generous donation of cat food has certainly helped in our efforts to care for and place these beloved felines. Your efforts have made it possible for them to have a chance.

Thank you so much for donating Meow Mix to our facility. Your generosity has helped many animals and us. It has been a pleasure working with you. We are grateful for your support and we will keep you updated on our progress.

Thanks again.


Brenda Knight, Manager
Humane Society of St. Lucie County

ON THE ROAD AGAIN ………………………..

Photos by Brenda Beck

Pets & Animals in Distress Hurricane Pet Food Relief Coordinators Don Kjos and Jim Gisondi arriving in south Florida to unload pallets of Meow Mix cat food to more animal rescue groups that were affected by Hurricanes Frances and Jeanne.

Don and Jim delivering Meow Mix food buckets to Broggi’s Cat Rescue in Boca, Raton, Florida. Dr. Broggi (R) with son volunteers his time to help feed several feral cat colonies in south Florida 7 days a week. We applaud Dr. Broggi for taking the time out of his very busy schedule to help feed so many feral cat colonies.

Don & Jim arriving in Fort Lauderdale Beach at night to deliver more Meow Mix cat food to more rescue groups like Kathy’s Cat Rescue (R)


Hey, move over guys so I can get in and enjoy some delicious Meow Mix!!!!!!

From all of us Kitties we would like to send, many Meow Meow Meow thank you’s to our Best Friends at Pets & Animals in Distress and The Meow Mix Company for the generous donation of delicious Meow Mix cat food that is now helping to feed thousands of our furry feline friends throughout Florida and Alabama that were affected from the hurricanes. We thank you all for the generous gift of food !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


All the Hurricane Kitties of 2004!

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