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PAW Spay & Neuter Resources

Spay and Neuter: Is It Important?

There are many misconceptions concerning spaying and neutering. Take a look at some commonly asked questions and answers. Spaying or neutering your pet may be one of the best steps you will ever take in keeping your pet healthy.

Free Spay and Neuter program is the only key solution to reduce the number of unwanted animals needlessly killed and born into a society that does not care. We should stop killing and help pass a Free Spay and Neuter program. By offering Free Spay and Neuter assistance to the general public this program can be achieved.

Spay and Neuter: FAQ

Q: Will Spaying/Neutering cause my pet to become overweight and lazy?

A: Spaying/Neutering your pet will not necessarily make your pet become overweight and lazy. Heredity, diet, and how much and what type of exercise your pet receives have much more influence on the weight and attitude of your pet than does the surgery.

Q: Is Spay and Neuter dangerous?

A: There is always some risk while a patient is under general anesthesia, whether the patient is animal or human. Veterinary procedures are very similar to human medical procedures. The risk is very small in healthy animals.

Q: Should I wait until my pet has matured or had a litter?

A: The answer to this question is No. The earlier this surgery is done the better it is for your pet. Your pet’s health and behavior will be improved with early spaying or neutering. Spaying early also eliminates the risk of possible birthing complications.

Q: When, then, is the best time to have my pet spayed or neutered?

A: The best age for spay and neuter is around six months of age. The first heat cycle in a female pet usually occurs around this time. Spaying your pet before her first heat cycle greatly reduces the risk of breast tumors and/or cancer. Neutering your pet prevents many undesirable behavior patterns. It is always easier to prevent these behavior patterns than to correct them.

What Are the Benefits of Spay and Neuter?

  • Eliminates heat cycles
  • Prevents accidental pregnancies
  • Prevents unwanted offspring
  • Reduces risk of breast tumors or cancer
  • Significantly reduces undesirable behavior
  • Prevents uterine infections common in older pets
  • Significantly reduces prostate & testicular disease or cancer
  • Reduces undesirable behavior
  • Eliminates urine odor of male cats

Low-Cost Spay-neuter info by State