Tragedy to Triumph

Brenda Beck, Founder/President of Pets and Animals in Distress, watched on September 11, 2001, the horrific tragedy of the World Trade Center Towers crumble down in front of America. She knew that many Search-and-Rescue K-9 teams would be sent from all parts of America, including from our own South Florida area, to help find any survivors in the twisted metal and rubble, just as the Search-and-Rescue K-9 teams did in the Oklahoma City bombing. As she was watching the developments of this tragedy on TV unfold a few days later, she saw a story on the Search-and-Rescue K-9 dog heroes. The dogs were being treated at ground zero by many vets including the ASPCA for dehydration, cuts, burns and bleeding sores on their burned dog paws and were being treated with antibiotics, ointments and many other things. She noticed that the K-9 Search-and-Rescue dogs did not have any type of paw protection for their feet when the K-9s were working and walking through the smoldering debris and carnage looking in every small opening they could fit into to find any survivors alive from in the twisted Twin Towers rubble. She immediately knew that she had to help these dogs in anyway she could. Brenda was determined to find and get paw protectors, antibiotic ointments, shampoos and any other items that were needed donated to the New York Search-and-Rescue K-9 teams.

She immediately got on the phone and contacted many of her pet friendly companies such as Pet Supermarket, Foster’s & Smith, VCA Hospitals, Paws Pedigree Perfection, and other pet suppliers in America, and asked for any help they could give in this tragedy. Through Brenda’s heroic efforts as well as many other rescue organizations, companies and animal lovers all across America and Canada , she was able in to get over 200 pairs of paw protector boots donated for the New York Search-and-Rescue K-9 dogs as well as other various pet supply products from Pets and Animals in Distress. The American public response in helping these unknown people and pet super heroes was overwhelming. Many items were donated from all across America and many individuals and companies came to the aid of our four legged furry friends.

Brenda contacted the Broward and Dade County Police and Fire departments to find out where she could get these much donated items sent. She was put in contact with Team Leader, Charley McDermott of the South Florida Urban Search-and-Rescue Team who was already up in New York with his Search-and-Rescue K-9 team looking for survivors at ground zero. She had several heart touching conversations with Mr. McDermott who advised her where she could send the donated supplies to in New York, and how he thanked her for helping the animals. She remembers while talking to Mr. McDermott overhearing in the background the constant noise of heavy equipment working and people and K-9’s searching the debris 24/7 in their determined effort to find any survivors. I was emotionally touched with tears hearing and feeling the pain of the monumental tragic loss of precious human lives that were needlessly snuffed out in a flash from a bunch of ungodly, cowardly evil terrorists that say they did it in the name of their God. I was also very spiritually uplifted knowing from this tragedy to triumph victory that we, as civilized Americans, can come together and stand as one nation under God, working together with all races, creeds, colors and most of all, religions, under one beautiful RED, WHITE and BLUE old glory victory flag.

I was also touched to see a story on the news where someone in New York said they never thought they would ever see the day that the World Trade Center would be going by in dump trucks. And one final touching positive story: three guys got dressed as our favorite cartoon superheroes that we all grew up to know — Superman, Captain America and Spiderman — and these three cartoon heroes stood around by the ground zero entrance asking all the New York Firefighters and Police Officers for their autographs while coming in and out of ground zero, showing all of us Americans that these are the real “TRUE SUPER HEROS” in the world. Kudos to all the heroes that have helped.


Story by Don Kjos