Some Of The Many Thank You
Letters And Emails

Pets & Animals in Distress , President Brenda Beck with Special Needs Rescued Friend “Webble Wobble”


Dear Meow Mix Company,

Thank you very much for your generous food donation to help feed the many hungry homeless kittens and cats throughout Florida. I live in Nevada yet made a small donation to help with trucking costs to get the food to Florida. I appreciate that your company made such a huge contribution. My cat, by the way, eats nothing but Meow Mix. I have tried many other brands of cat food such as Iams, Science Diet, etc., but she much prefers your product.

Dawn Zeigler and Socks, too!

Dear Meow Mix

We cannot tell you how grateful we are regarding your generous gesture and donation of food. You reinforce the belief that together, we can make a difference!


Donna Interrante
Compassionate Animal Relief Effort
Philadelphia, PA

Dear Ms Slade,

I want to thank you and your company for your most generous contribution of
40,000 pounds of Meow Mix cat food which you sent in response to Pets & Animals
in Distress. The many unwanted cats and kittens that you have helped to feed
would certainly thank you, too, if they could! Your kindness and generosity
will not be forgotten.


Elizabeth R. Leary
Chairman, Chowan-Gates SPCA
Edenton, NC 27932

Dear Meow Mix

Thank you so much for your very generous donation of 48,000 lbs.
of cat food to aid the 4th annual pet food drive recently conducted.
Whenever I have a bad day thinking of people who don’t care about
animals, I will certainly think good thoughts and be thankful that there
are people and companies such as yours lending help.


Joan Giles

Dear Meow Mix

I’ve recently learned through a newsletter from “Pets & Animals in Distress” of a huge donation made by Meow Mix Corporation (thousands of pounds of food). I just want to say that you are greatly appreciated by many “cat people” throughout the country. I have given my cats Meow Mix since first noticing it in the market in early 80’s. Knowing that your company truly cares about the animals make me glad I made the Meow Mix choice way back then, and it definitely insures that I will continue to feed your product.

Thank you again for your generosity and concern for the animals. They can’t thank you themselves, so we have to do it for them.

Nina Vukic
San Francisco, CA

Dear Ms. Slade

Thank you so much for donating 48, 000lbs of Meow Mix Cat Food to Pets & Animals in Distress. It is companies like yours that make a world of difference to those that are voiceless. What a kind a loving donation.
Highlands Ranch, CO

Dear Ms. Slade

You and your company’s involvement in providing food for so many is truly a
God-send. You’re appreciated nation-wide for this tremendous act of kindness.


Diane Monahan
Founder/Executive Director
Friends For Pets Foundation

Dear Ms. Slade:

May the Meow Mix Company receive God’s special blessings for the tremendous compassion and generosity shown by donating 48,000 lbs. of Meow Mix cat food and being a special participant in the Pets & Animals in Distress fourth annual “Feed-A-Pet” food drive for hungry homeless kittens and cats throughout Florida.

Those of us who are involved with TNR feral/stray cat colony management in particular, appreciate your tremendous generosity in a very special way; we spend much of our time and a good percentage of our personal income in maintaining feral/stray cat colonies and helping with other rescue and assistance requests from many people who are trying to help kittens and cats in their areas.

Here in New York City, we are hoping to attain a “no-kill” status for all healthy, adoptable animal companions within the next five years. The most important key to achieving this goal is controlling the feral/stray cat population, which can only be accomplished with the humane practice of TNR through the exceptional dedication and cooperative efforts of non-profit welfare organizations such as Pets & Animals in Distress and corporations such as Meow Mix in a team effort with equally dedicated staff and volunteers.

Joseph Pastore
Animal Advocate
140-39 34th Avenue
Flushing, NY

Dear Miss Slade:

Please accept our sincere thanks for the most wonderful donation that you recently made to Feed-a-Pet. Our hats are off to you and your colleagues.

Sincerely yours,

Earl H. Earle Bingley,
President, Canadian Voice For Animals

Dear Carole Slade,

I would like to thank you and the Meow Mix Company for your generous donation of 48,000 lbs of Meow Mix cat food to Pets and Animals in Distress’ “4th annual” “Feed-A-Pet” Food Drive.

It is heartening to those consumers, such as myself, who adopt animals from local shelters to know that large pet food corporations “give-back” to the community in the way the Meow Mix Company has done. I hope you and your company will continue to answer the call to help feed the animals.

Thanks Again,

Claire Insley
(Companion to 4 Cats)


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