Seven New Stars

A PAW Tribute to Columbia’s Astronauts

Columbia’s crew waves good-bye as the astronauts prepare to board the space shuttle on Jan. 16

We at PAW would like to express our sorrow at the loss of the seven astronauts, scientists and patriots who perished in the Columbia disaster.

We admire them for their bravery, salute them for their commitment to bettering all of mankind, and mourn them sincerely after their final voyage.

We hope that in time, the pain will fade and a new generation will be inspired by their sacrifice to reach new heights of scientific exploration.

Since the beginning of time, mankind has looked to the stars for inspiration and guidance. Now, whenever we look towards the vast expanse of sky, we will forever be reminded of these seven new stars.

On Feb 1, 2003 the space shuttle Columbia was lost on re-entry. Our prayers go out to these seven gallant heroes that sacrificed their lives in the name of humanity and world peace……