Lucky 95’s Rescue

Picture driving down I-95, or any interstate highway, and observing some cruel inhumane person(s) tossing a little helpless puppy from their moving car onto the side of I-95. To any humane observer that would be a shocker. I personally have trouble dealing with someone tossing paper trash and littering. But a living, breathing helpless animal. This is what Marcy Elovitz witnessed last winter when driving home on Interstate – 95. It was truly amazing how that little puppy survived the fall after being tossed out of a moving vehicle like garbage without any broken bones! And then how this guardian PET PAL Angel from up above was at the right place and right time to stop and save & rescue this little puppy from a certain death.

Our hats go off to Mary Elovitz. But this is only the beginning! She never blinked an eye or hesitated a second to stop and save this pet, she just scooped that little puppy up into her arms and looked into her eyes to see how seriously hurt she was, she saw that the puppy was abused and had been left to die as she was covered with scars, fleas, ticks and car grease all over her little body and was nothing but skin & bones. She immediately took her home and carefully examined her and contacted Brenda Beck of P.A.W. for immediate assistance where she had one of our lifesaving publications on hand. Brenda immediately went to meet Marcy and our new saved pet we named Lucky-95 and took him into our arms and to our vet for immediate observation, besides all the bruises & being banged up she would be o.k. with proper medication and lots & lots of food to put weight on her little bony body.

Some may remember seeing the story of Lucky 95 on Channel 7 news back when all this occurred. We had a lot of calls from the concerned public to Adopt Lucky-95, but to make a long wonderful story a little shorter, Lucky 95 is thriving and happy new life with her new PET PAL owners. We are proud to announce that our friend Toni Owens & family where she is the manager of Pet Supermarket in Deerfield adopted Lucky 95 and opened up her heart & home up for this little courageous puppy to join her own 3 pets she already has. It’s all of us PET PAL hero’s in the community that take the time and all pull together to help these precious souls of fur. Thanks to all that have helped in rescuing, saving & adopting Lucky-95. Another great PET PAL rescue happy ending!