Pets & Animals In Distress Thank You’s

Thank you go out first to all of our donors, friends, family and supporters for coming to the aid to help in another unfortunate Hurricane Disaster; we cannot have done this without your support, prayers and encouragement to do this again. Thank you from all the people and animals you have helped to get food and relief supplies delivered and brought in those disaster areas on the Gulf coast and to help in the Search and Rescue of many animals that many have now been saved. We are also trying our best to thank every one of you personally, as we have been overwhelmed by phone calls and e-mails. We will give more updates in a later special newsletter and through our website on the ongoing Katrina relief efforts. In the meantime we send our many thank you’s to everyone that has helped make a difference. Thank you again!

Thank you to our friends at the Meow Mix Company -Richard Thompson & Carole Slade
For always being there to provide the food for the animals in these times of need.Thank you both!

Thank you to Ryder Truck Rental of Ft. Pierce (Linda Lemmon) for donating the truck and insurance.
Thank you for helping with the Ryder truck to transport dog & cat food and supplies to the Katrina Animals

Thank you to Nurto Pet Products – Dan & George – For all the donated Nutro Dog food

Thank you to Pet Supplies Plus, Delray Bch., Lake Worth, FL Stores
Thanks to Mike Camardello for all the donated food and supplies

Thank you to St. Lucie Humane Society to Kim, Kimberly, Bunny, Crystal, Sandy for their outstanding search and rescue and relief work and bring in all the supplies. You gals are the best!

Thank you to Big Dog Rescue Deann& Volunteers – For all the donated Pet Food that was delivered to help feed hundreds of animals and go to the people that did not have any food to feed their animals.

Thank you to Mixed up Mutts – Cris, Sarah & Volunteers – For your ongoing relief efforts in working togther in helping coordinate this overwhelming challenge. This will be ongoing relief effort. Keep up the good work you both are doing!

Thank you to Equine Search & Rescue of Pensacola Florida – Victoria, Peggy & Volunteers for coming in like the Calvary to rescue the horses and bring hay and water

Thank you to Creature Teacher from North Carolina –
Tracy White for rescuing 21 animals that now are safe

Thank you to Shenanigans Sports Bar & Grill for helping to care and feed many outside cats you have been taking care of at your restaurant. Thanks Sis!

Thank you to Kelly’s Animal Hospital – For all the donated supplies

A Special Thank you to the National Guard for helping build the kennels, walk and feed the animals and being there to protect us all. You guys are the BEST!

A Special Thank you to Chief Marshall of the United States Coast Guard PSU 309 unit and his 10-boat crew for helping in the Search and Rescue to look for animals. We cannot say much more but to send a very BIG Thank you from all of us for taking the time to care and provide the resources you offered to help. All of you are Animal Hero’s and deserve the recognition.

To our friends at the Florida State Troopers – Officer Wells from Tampa and Officer Washington from Jacksonville for helping in the Search and Rescue and helping to drop off food to the animals when sighted. You are playing a BIG part in the search and rescue mission for being the eyes and ears on the ground in Pearlington. Thank You so much!

A Special Thank you to Polk County Sheriffs Dept – Deputy Sheriff Mark Stroud – For taking the time to volunteer to build Kennels and for being their to help us and the animals

Thank you to the Delaware Vets – Amber Garrison -For coming in to provide medical care to the animals

A Special Thank you to Lansas Kennels – For helping the Pearlington animals and giving them shelter, food and care

Thank you Karen Albert – For collecting several thousand lbs of donated food in Okeechobee

Thank you Peggy Creedon – For the great job in searching for the horses and other animals

Thank you Melinda Jones – For providing several animal rescue groups to come in a take animals

A Very Special Thank you Kendra Williams – Words cannot say enough for you. You are a special person with the biggest heart, strength and courage to go out of your way to help the Katrina animals in your difficult times of need. We are there with you always in our prayers.

A Special Thank you to Sam Bailey – For without your daughter who sent us the e-mail we would have never know about you and what was going on in Pearlington with you all the animals. You are one of a kind with a very BIG heart and love to help the animals more that your own needs.

Thank you to Jake Albert -For collecting several thousand lbs of donated food in Okeechobee

Thank you to Kyndra Crews – For collecting several thousand lbs of donated food in Okeechobee

Thank you to Cindy Miller -For collecting several thousand lbs of donated food in Okeechobee

Thank you to Kimberley Vaslocky – For taking care of all the rescued cats in Florida

And to everyone who has taken part or is taking part in the Katrina Relief efforts. Thank you to all of you for being there for the animals. God Bless.

Pets & Animals in Distress Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts Photo Gallery 1
Pets & Animals in Distress Hurricane Katrina Relief Efforts Photo Gallery 2

Pets & Animals In Distress Thank You’s