Weeble Wobble Video on YouTube

Weeble Wobble Video on YouTube


Saturday, May 23rd – Saturday evening Day 1, Memorial Day weekend, I noticed that when it was time to feed Weeble that he did not come into the kitchen and rub his little head on the kitchen wall like he normally does, I went looking for him and found him laying on the floor and not moving to get up. I called his name and I immediately knew that something was seriously wrong with my precious little Weeble and started to get nervous. When it comes to food time Weeble usually Wobble walks quickly to the kitchen when he hears a can opening or hears the crackle of a bag thinking that it is treated. I opened some of his favorite foods and treats and tried giving them to him to eat and he did not want any of them and then became very worried. I picked up Weeble and put him on the bed to examine him and that’s when he started to drool and then later started throwing up some white & green saliva spit. I immediately called the 24 hr Animal Emergency Hospital in Fort Pierce, Fl and told the person at the desk of Weebles condition and symptoms and then rushed Weeble to the clinic. The vet on duty did a CBC (complete blood count) to see what might be wrong and the numbers were pretty much in the normal range except for the white cell blood count. His temperature was normal and she gave him a (10) day antibiotic injection, something to stop the vomiting and sub-que fluids & told me to keep monitoring him at home and if he did not get better to bring him back.

Sunday, May 24th Day 2, The next day Weeble was not getting any better and still would not eat and was just not moving at all, I was getting very nervous and worried, as he started again to throw up so I took Weeble to another 24-hour vet clinic the Pet Emergency of Martin County in Stuart, Fl Sunday afternoon around 2:30 to get a second opinion to see if they could diagnose why he was not eating and still vomiting. Dr. Kolleda examined Weeble thoroughly and did an X-ray and did not see anything abnormal on his inside but it still did not explain what could be wrong, she also gave Weeble some more sub-que fluids and confirmed the blood work from the other hospital was normal and that it could be a number of things that were causing him to throw up and not eat that could be from his kidney or liver or even from his constipation that was causing him pain. She gave him a B-12 shot and valium to help him eat and told me to monitor him at home and if he kept on throwing up more than 2-3 times per hour to bring him back, By now I am a total nervous wreck and scared to death and felt so helpless. I am praying to God and angels above for a miracle to please help save my Weeble Wobble and to help get him better. My regular vet is not open until Tuesday because Memorial Day is a holiday on Monday.

Monday, May 25th Day 3, Monday came and Webble was still in the same condition I was on the Internet and I was doing my own research trying to find what was wrong with him. I called the vet hospital again as he now has not eaten in 2 days and this was critical that we needed to get some food and nourishment into his stomach. The vet told me I could syringe feed him every 3 hours with some warm blended ID and goat’s milk that was mixed together into a syringe, Weeble was able to keep the food down which I thank god for this which was a good sign. I called the emergency hospital to let them know of his progress and about how I was now syringe feeding him and they told me to keep doing what I was doing and monitoring him. I was waiting to see our regular vet, Dr. McClure, at the Animal Planet Hospital the next morning to have them take a look at him as well.

Tuesday, May 26th Day 4, Weeble is still very sick and weak and still vomiting and now he is not keeping his food down and threw it up. I took him back to our regular vet Dr. McClure and they did an X-ray and removed some fecal matter from him and gave him some more sub-que fluids but still, we cannot find out what is causing him to throw up and not eat. It’s now going on 4 days and I am now getting very scared for my Weeble Wobble. Dr. McClure examined him and gave him sub-que fluids, another antibiotic shot, a B-12 shot, something for vomiting, a cortisone shot and said to keep syringe feeding every 3-4 hours with the ID food hoping that he will get his appetite back that it may just be a stomach infection or pancreatic or something that is treatable via antibiotic.

Wednesday, May 27th Day 5, I again rushed Weeble back to the Pet emergency veterinary office to see Dr. Kolleda because he was still vomiting, not eating and in severe abdominal pain. At that time they gave him more fluids and something for the pain. After seeing four different doctors in 4 days and doing extensive examinations, blood work, x-rays, sub -que fluids, giving antibiotics and B-12 shots and other things to make Weeble eat. I was advised to take Weeble to have an ultrasound to see what was going on inside his organs so I scheduled an emergency appointment with an Internal Medicine Veterinarian at the Animal Emergency and Referral Center in Fort Pierce for tomorrow at 8 am. There they have every kind of specialist and this way we could hopefully get a good diagnosis of what is going on inside his body.

Thursday, May 28th Day 6, When I arrived at 8 am I was very happy to hear from Dr. Ronald Lyman, D.V.M. who is the owner of the medical center, he told me that we were very fortunate that a whole team of his doctors and specialists had happened to be there at the time when I arrived (OUR ANGELS FROM ABOVE WERE WATCHING OVER WEEBLY) so they all had the chance to examine Weeble and took X-rays to go over his files and give their own professional opinion of their medical field. Present was a Surgeon, a Neurologist, and 2 other DVMs that examined him and brainstormed to see if they could figure out why Weeble was so sick and determine what was wrong. I thought this was like an episode from the TV show HOUSE which made me feel good to know that I had the best medical team and care for Weeble. The doctors said that we have 2 very serious and different things going on in Weeble and then I heard the tragic news. One being his spine looked very abnormal (curved like a camel hump) which could be causing pressure on his internal organs and colon and also that his liver looked small which they may have to do spinal surgery to correct. They also stated he may have liver disease or any of many other possibilities and that they needed to do immediate exploratory surgery and to do biopsies on his organs for cancer and to surgically put a feeding tube in his throat and had to put him under anesthesia for the surgery and also if they have to do any spinal surgery. They put everything together for an estimate to do all of this, which could cost $7000, which I did not care what it cost to save our little Weeble. I would do whatever it took to help raise the money to help save his life.

Friday MAY 29th Day 7, Today is the day that Weeble Wobble has his surgery. He was admitted yesterday morning. Dr. Runde called this morning to let me know that he was being prepared for surgery and that he did well overnight and that he would be calling me as soon as Weeble was done with his surgery and woke up from the anesthesia and will let us know what he found and how Weeble is doing. We are all on pins and needles waiting for the results of the biopsies that have gotten us so worried, that I cannot take any bad news. It has been 6 hours waiting patiently for some news that everything went well with the surgery. We have just learned that Weeble’s surgery went well and that a feed tube has been placed in his stomach. Thank you, Lord for this good news! The Doctors have told us that in the next few days he will be monitored and we should be able to see him tomorrow. (Yeah)

Saturday, May 30th Day 8, We finally just got back from seeing Weeble. Thank God he is alive is all I can say. He looked very weak and tired but that’s understandable after all the surgery and tests he has been put through. We spent about 15 minutes and took some pictures and videos that we will post on the website and youtube. Thank you to all she are helping with his medical costs

Sunday, May 31st Day 9, Called the Hospital and they said Weeble is resting comfortably and did well last night. We are still waiting for the tests to come back on his kidney and liver as well as the spinal tap. We should no more in a few days. We will visit Weeble soon. Just got back from visiting Weeble, today he looks more alert and a little stronger, still not out of the woods. Doctors said if all goes well Weeble could be released to us tomorrow (That’s Great News) and then we can monitor him and begin tube feeding him and giving him his medications. Doctor Runde said that the feeding tube will be in him for several months and will depend on how he does under home care. We will wait and see. We will have to come back for a consultation to learn the procedure on how to tube feed Weeble. GREAT NEWS the Doctor called and said that Weeble can come home. We will meet this evening to pick him up and go over everything

Monday, June 1st Day 10, We picked up Weeble last night and Dr. Runde and his Vet assistant went over everything and taught us how to Tube Feed Weeble properly and administer his medications. We are so happy to have him back home with his other fostered brothers and sisters. We just gave Weeble his first Tube feeding this morning and it went very well. He is still is very sore with all the surgery he had to go through with stitches in his belly and the feeding tube that is in his stomach. He has a body wrap bandage to keep everything covered. We have to Tube feed Weeble 4 times every 24 hours. We took some videos we posted on youtube. We just completed our second tube feeding. We have to give 20cc of ZD Science Diet Wet food mixed with water, then 10cc of water in another tube followed by 5cc of air that is pushed in the tube to make sure that the wet food and water have passed through the tube into Weeble’s stomach. This is so new to us as I have never had to Tube feed a cat in my 10 years of animal rescue. It’s about 10 pm just gave Weeble his 3rd tube Feeding and he is resting comfortably. I have an appointment tomorrow with Dr. Lyman with AERC to look at Weeble and see why he is not pooping and his spine problem. This is very concerning still!

Thursday, June 4th – Hi everyone. Just getting back to writing to give you an update on Weeble. For the last few days, Weeble has been showing more improvements. First, he ate the first few bites of his prescribed Science Diet ZD dry food which was great to see, He also took his first poop yesterday which was a small amount but it has been 10 days since he pooped and I was so concerned. I am tube feeding him as well as giving him ZD wet food along with water and his meds 6 times a day. Also, he has been Weeble walking around the house getting his exercise which then he finds a resting place to lay down. Weeble also says hello and thank you to all who have helped him. Here are some pics of Weeble being a ca potato. I will be taking him up to see Dr. Lyman on June 9th for his examinations and results from his spinal tap. More Weeble updates to come. Thanks again to all my animal angels for helping us save Weeble. Thanks again. Bye.. Brenda Beck.

June 10th – Yesterday I took Weeble in for his examination with Dr. Wyman where he was very impressed how Weeble has improved. He gained almost 12 ounces and all his functions looked very good. I told him how Weeble now eats the Dry Science Diet ZD and is so much more active and walking around, just like he was before. It was a GREAT DAY! He also removed Weeble’s stomach stitches and looked at his feeding tube and said in everything stays on the course his stomach tube could come out in 3 weeks which I was so thankful to hear. I have posted some new videos of Weeble on YouTube for everyone to see. I will be giving now weekly updates on Weeble’s progress as well as videos. I just want to thank everyone that took the time to help us raise donations for Weeble’s medicals bills and ongoing care he will need the rest of his life, but it is all worth every penny that this little angel’s life was saved by the AERC (Animal Emergency Referral Center) with Dr. Lyman and Dr. Runde which we say THANK YOU! We still have a long way to go and the medical bills will still grow. Anyone that would like to make a donation to the Weeble Wobble Medical Fund or become a monthly Weeble donor of just $10, $15 or $25 a month to help with his vet bills, prescribed food and medications please go to: https://secure.groundspring.org/dn/index.php?id=2025

June 29th – Weeble Wobble Update – Good News to report!! Weeble Wobble was seen on Friday by Dr Lyman who said that Weeble feeding tube can be finally removed which was great news to finally hear. You can see Weeble getting weighed where he has gained almost 1 1/2 lbs since May 23rd when he became very ill. Weeble is now feeding tube FREE (Yeah) which was removed on Friday the 26th. He has been going to the bathroom on his own (Everyday) which is another miracle to witness and has done one of the most remarkable recoveries that we have ever witnessed with this special needs furbaby. We thank the Lord above for this wonderful Miracle that little Weebles life was saved through having this lifesaving surgery and the great doctors at the AERC Hospital who helped to save Weebles life that I want to thank personally (Dr. Lyman, Dr. Runde, Dr. Phillips, Dr. Bishsel and their wonderful staff) without this fantastic team of doctors it would not have been possible. Weeble is now is on a special food diet for the rest of his life and Dr. Lyman said that to keep syringe feeding Weeble 2 times a day with ZD wet food mixed with pumpkin (for fiber that helps with his constipation) along with giving him his daily medications (Predisolone, laxtolouse)to help with his IBD (Irritable Bowel Disease). Dr. Lyman said what we are doing it is working great and not to change it as this is working. We will keep everyone updated with Weeble’s medical progress so please keep checking back on the website and YouTube. If anyone would like to make a special donation to the Weeble Wobble Medical fund as Weeble will always be needing donations to help with his ongoing medical care, special ZD foods and costly medications that he will need to have for the rest of his life you can click the Donate Now link on the left menu that will go to the donate page.

You can also view some Weeble video updates on You Tube at http://www.youtube.com/user/brendon57.

Thank you again to all the Animal Angels who have helped in saving our precious little Weeble and for your prayers, nice e-mails and letters of encouragement that you have given our organization in this urgent time of need for this very special needs handicapped kitty named Weeble Wobble, you are the ones that help us keep the fight going to be the voices for all gods animals. This is a testament, “Miracles” do Happen so never give up. Anyone that would like to contact me to be a Weeble sponsor or any questions I can help with please e-mail me at [email protected] Thank you again to all of our special Animal Angels..you know who you are. Weeble says Meow Meow to all and sends a big wet kiss and his love!! Bye for now! Brenda Beck, President Pets & Animals in Distress. Thank You and God Bless!